Book of the Month

The August Book Of The Month Is:
On a Clear Day, You Can See Block Island by Gage Greenwood

They left the island, but the island never left them.

Four years after the Keating family endured the darkest experiences of their lives, the children are still fighting to move on. Charlie's anxiety has control of his life. Angela is afraid of the dark. Brian suffers from a drug addiction. Chrissy struggles to remember what happened to them, the details forever haunting the outskirts of her mind.

But when new information comes to light about what they had witnessed, they make a plan to escape their problems once and for all.

Sometimes, the only way to confront your demons is to face them head on, so the Keating siblings decide to go back to the island and call their monsters out of the darkness. They soon realize the terror awaiting is much more than they bargained for.

On a Clear Day, You Can See Block Island is a coming of age horror novel about grief, PTSD, and how some horrors never end.

👀 The Twisted Retreat Exclusive Edition includes:
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-Exclusive endpages
-Digitally stenciled edges by @missyozart
-Ribbon bookmark
-Signed by the author

The Final Scene by Steph Nelson

The cabin is unlocked, but there’s no escape.

When Brooke was kidnapped on her way home from work, she thought her life was over.

That was ten years ago.

She’s been held captive in an isolated cabin on the Oregon coast ever since, scrambling to follow her kidnappers’ twisted instructions to the letter. Because the price of a mistake is death.

But when a new victim shows up, everything changes. Including the rules. And this time, the only way to survive is to break them.

👀 The Twisted Retreat Exclusive Edition includes:
-Exclusive hardcover print
-Redesigned dust jacket by Krafigs Design with foiling
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-Gorgeous digitally stenciled edges by
-Custom endpages
-Ribbon bookmark
-Signed by the author