Book of the Month

The March Book Of The Month Is:
These Things Linger by Dan Franklin

When Alex Wilson's estranged uncle unexpectedly dies, Alex realizes he would do just about anything to make peace with the man who had raised him as his own.

He'd even reach out to the dead.

But things more dangerous than ghosts haunt his uncle's broken down trailer and the nearly abandoned one-gas-station town of Fair Hill just beyond. Things that can devour the living and the dead alike, and are all too ready to answer his call.

Some parts of our past never really leave us. There are things that don't know how to die.

These things linger.

Dan Franklin's supernatural thriller novel These Things Linger is a twisting and unforgiving tale of desperation, depression, heritage, and of other hungry, vicious things.

👀 The Twisted Retreat Exclusive Edition includes:

-A redesigned cover by Halli Starling.
-An alternative cover on the reverse dust jacket.
-Cover includes gloss and foil.
-Multi-colored hardcover foiling
-Exclusive stenciled edges
-Ribbon bookmark
-Signed by the author