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Twisted Retreat is a monthly box of horror books and oddities for the twisted soul. Your nightmares will come true with Twisted Retreat’s monthly subscription box. Get the latest in twisted horror books plus exciting horror themed merch for your dark, dark soul. 

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What Can You Expect In Your Boxes?

If you order the book only option, you’ll receive our book of the month! No frills or extra thrills, but all the devious delights of our horrifying book feature. For our full box, each month is different, but generally speaking, we follow this formula in our frightening full boxes:

A new release horror book

A creepy candle

A disturbing drink or spooky snack

An alarming artsy item (such as a bookmark, pin, or art print)

A chilling “consumable” product (bath and body products, aromatherapy, etc)

 3 (three) nightmarish novelty items (such as, but not limited to, kitchenware, home goods, decor, fabric items, etc).

Our Frightening Full Boxes have a full retail value exceeding $100 a month!


Step 1:
Choose your box.

Are you a book only kind of person or do you want the full experience?

Step 2:
Choose your term.

We have month to month, three month, six month, and twelve month pre-paid subscriptions. Which do you prefer?

Step 3: Sacrifice a lamb while you wait for our ghouls to prep your boxes.

Kidding about the lamb part!

Step 4: Receive your box of creepy delights and enjoy!

Now it's time to start reading, spooky friends!

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