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Twisted Retreat

BOOK ONLY - Survive the Unknown

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This is a PRE ORDER for the BOOK ONLY "Survive the Unknown" Limited Edition Box. Boxes will ship in late September.

When her husband goes on an adventure up the tallest mountain in the world but doesn't return, our protagonist insists on leading her own expedition to find his body. And answers. When her husband's best friend agrees to join her, she hopes their complicated relationship history doesn't get in the way. She uses her husband's expedition journal to guide them; but soon, she realizes that it is not just a test of endurance. The mountain has a hostile, protective force surrounding it that make this a battle of the wills. They soon find out, the dead do not rest easy on the summit...

πŸ‘€Β The Twisted Retreat Exclusive Edition Includes:
-Totally redesigned dust jacket
-Exclusive foiling on the hardcover
-Exclusive stenciled edges
-Reverse dust jacket artwork
-& more!